Advantages of Kawamura Electric

Manufacturing Process, Production System, Quality Control

Manufacturing Process, Production System,  Quality Control

Climate conditions may vary from region to region, and Kawamura wishes to give a long lasting and reliable products for any kind of severe condition.

Kawamura realizes both high-level antirust quality and beautiful completion by applying powder coating after electrodeposition coating, and a high-level pretreatment to prevent rusting during the sheet and metal process in high temperature and high humidity area. Thus, we always challenge to make and delivery products that fulfill different region’s needs.

Furthermore, we endeavor to adopt standardized technology and quality control system from Japan into our production bases. Kawamura aims to be customers’ genuine
business partner by supplying products focusing on Q(quality), D(Delivery on time) , C(Cost), and also S(Before and after sales service).

About the products

About the products

Since established in 1919, Kawamura has been consistently focusing on upgrading capacity and performance of electric circuits. For example, from high pressure equipment to fire prevention outlets, we have created values for any electric circuit. Products we delivery to the world have passed Japan’s strict quality standard.

After Sales Service, Customer Support

After Sales Service, Customer Support

Even after product delivered, we dispatch our experienced electric construction teams for periodic check and any operation needs as request to ensure product safety by thorough work.

In pre-ordering phase, we perform detailed onsite meetings, layout designing, and advices on electricity. After delivery, we execute electric construction, remodeling, and annual periodic inspections. Thus, we support customer satisfaction and total cost reduction.

In addition, we provide any service from quotation to maintenance as customers’ request, and supply products that meet customers’ needs. If there is specific request, our knowhow to delivery a one-of-a-kind customized product is one of our strength.

In recent years, we contribute not only to ASEAN area but also to Africa and Middle East infrastructure development projects. We will strive to expand and develop our business in future so we can continue to contribute the society.