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It is an age of momentous change. All around the world things are changing, problems are arising: the intensification of global competition; economic expansion of developing countries; low birth rates and population aging; environmental and energy issues and many more. These call for bold decisions and reorganization in business management.

At Kawamura Electric Inc., we see many opportunities here, and we are determined to change along with the times. Major transformations in the business environment present both risks and great opportunities. There are many new business domains where Kawamura can carve out its future, whether in alternative energy, represented by solar power generation, energy management systems such as HEMS and BEMS, or in ubiquitous computing and new transmission systems.

We will continue to anticipate the new technologies required for the future, and incorporate them in our unique products – whether physical products or complete solutions. In this way, we will strive to ensure that our company satisfies real needs. All employees of Kawamura Electric Inc. are committed to achieve this dream in the future.

Yukitoshi Kawamura
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer